Sun setting over Iraq – Photo by SPC Colon, Iraq

Sun setting over Iraq

We share the same sun, us and the soldiers in Iraq. Please take a moment to remember the troops serving in Iraq, fighting for our freedom. This photo was taken by my friend Army Specialist Colon. Thank you for sharing.


~ by Phlog That! on 29 October 2007.

5 Responses to “Sun setting over Iraq – Photo by SPC Colon, Iraq”

  1. We can share a sun. Wish we could share a planet. It’s a lovely shot.

  2. Thanks for destroying my country, now your troops are in (fighting for freedom huh) and we (the population) are out.
    oh iraq my home, i really miss you.

  3. Dear Iraq: Technically, they’re not MY troops, but I appreciate your post.

  4. my heart hurts for the Iraqi people. i can only hope your prayers are answered.

  5. my name is clement from nigeria, i love you site, its very mature, i like the view you took of the sunset.

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