Crescent moon, Venus, and Saturn over Pony Express Lake

Cresant moon and Venus over Pony Express Lake - by Dan Bush

dan bush, pony express lake, crescent moon, planet, venus, saturn, sunset, sky, horizon, red, orange, yellow, blue, grey, twilight, brilliant, vibrant, tranquil, peaceful, colorful, contrast, stillness, reflections


~ by Phlog That! on 24 July 2007.

9 Responses to “Crescent moon, Venus, and Saturn over Pony Express Lake”

  1. Hi – I love the photos on your site.

    Check out our site – it is a photosharing site made specifically for bloggers and photographers (and you appear to be both).


  2. Wow, beautiful! What kind of camera and settings did you use? I’m trying to learn low light photography.

  3. Amazing!

  4. wow, this photo is beautiful! i love the colors.

  5. Lovely……

    The way the tree line rises left to right, the ephemeral quality of the light, glistening on the water, skeletal branches holding together the foreground, as the crimson sky holds a balance to the outer blue…….

    It just is a great image.


  6. What a beautiful photograph. I love the texture and feel of the water and the colours in the sky.

  7. Wow! That’s a nice picture! 🙂

  8. that is gorgous try to get some more please
    that is out standing

  9. the feeling is warm and relaxing
    i have never seen anything like it.

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