Hidden lake in the Adirondack Mountains, NY

Hidden lake in the Adirondack Mountains, NY

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~ by Phlog That! on 21 July 2007.

23 Responses to “Hidden lake in the Adirondack Mountains, NY”

  1. Beautiful and no people, I’d love to stumble on a place like that.

  2. i love this photo. nice reflection in the water, nice composition.

  3. hey, is there any chance you might be able to tell me where this is? i go to school in Ithaca, NY and have a tiny cabin near Lake Placid. this is one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen. any chance of sharing?

  4. This is a shot of Avalanche Lake, in an area called Avalanche Pass. On the right is Avalanche Mountain and on the left is the base of Mt. Colden. It can be accessed via a quick and easy hike of a few hours from the Adirondack Loj, past Marcy Dam. If you look closely there are actually a few hikers in the shot.

    -Josh Green (46er No. 4708)

  5. Hi Josh ~ Thank you for giving me more info on the lake. Many people have been asking.

    Happy Holidays,
    Tina : ).

  6. Glad to help! Love the site BTW. Happy holidays and happy hiking to anyone who makes it out that way.

  7. tnx m8, i,m from europe, a small country called croatia, and i,m sorry to say that we don’t have mountains and lakes like this!
    (you can try to find ”plitvicka jezera” they are beautiful)

  8. I can’t believe it!! Thank you so much for posting this beautiful picture! You have no idea how often I have tried to discribe this place. About 13 years ago I hiked the Avalanche Pass. I didn’t bring a camera with me so I have no pictures, but as soon as I saw this, I knew what it was. I will never forget that day. Thank you again for sharing this picture.

  9. Avalanche Pass and Lake are awesome. I have hiked about 1/4 of the high peaks and this was one of the best parts of all those hikes. When I hiked Algonquin (which I have done a few times) I came down the back side through the pass. Sheer rockface walls, catwalks above the lake, log ladders and unbelievable scenery made this hike very rewarding. The lake by the way is still very cold in the summer. I would recommend this hike to anybody looking for a great time. Like Josh said above, you can access from the ADK Loj from Adirondack Loj Road off of Route 73 south of Lake Placid. Have fun!

  10. its my dream’s place, I like it and I love this kind of places

  11. this is one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen.

  12. This is such a beautiful picture! Would it be possible for me to get a copy to use?

  13. buenaaaa ftitooo

    he a yy qe cuidarr el ambienteee


    todos ablan ingles no valeeeeee



  14. hey Josh – not trying to call you out, just clarify – isn’t Colden on the right, Avalanche on the left?

  15. so beautiful love it and would love to be there just sitting watching thinking

  16. Hi Andy – no problem. You might be right about Colden on the right and Avalanche on the left. I assumed the photographer was looking roughly SW across avalanche lake, but now that you mention it the sheer rock of Avalanche looks to be on the left. I’ve hiked Colden ~4 times (3 times up via the Trapdike that can be accessed by circling around the lake, 1 time up a relatively new rock slide on the other side of the mountain). It’s been a couple of years since I was last there, so my orientation could always be a little off. I’m almost tempted to bust out the old photo albums, but the pictures (not to disparage this *incredible* photo in the least) never quite do the mountains justice. Either way, a beautiful scene.

  17. definitely cold all year round. We took a swim in Avalanche Lake a few years back in July and left almost hypothermic. Thanks for sharing the photo, we saved our last shot on the roll for us in the water, but the picture never came out as far as I know so I don’t have any shots from the trip. Any idea what the lake looks like right now? Planning to head up there in about ten days.

  18. Just came across this photo. I walked along this lake during the summer of 1970 on a hiking trip with my camp. It looks like it hasn’t changed a bit. I was 12. Thanks for the memory

  19. i know exactly where that is it is very nice but please don’t tell people where it is because i like those kinds of places to be kinda people free

  20. its not exactly a secret spot….besides, if they can walk in there, then they deserve to visit it

  21. I am a new, extremely amateur painter. If I ahould want to use this photo as the basis for a painting, what do I do, who might I contact with respect to copyright?

  22. thanks for the worderful viewing

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