Two starfish (star fish) making love in the sand at Morro Bay, CA

Two star fish making love in the sand at Morro Bay, CA

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~ by Phlog That! on 16 July 2007.

128 Responses to “Two starfish (star fish) making love in the sand at Morro Bay, CA”

  1. o what a silly starfish…….heeeehhheeeeeeeeeeee’

  2. beautiful picture!

  3. WOW! Those colors are amazing!

  4. Beautiful colors and a neat experience. Would be for a mountain man like me anyhow as I have seen the ocean only a limited amount of times.

  5. Nice… reminds me of a girl with five arms I used to date!! Giving you a hard time tina. Great pics.

  6. wow, this is beautiful. i have never seen a photo like this, nor have i ever seen starfish in the ‘act’ haha. nice one.

  7. very beuatiful corols dont the makeing out though

  8. what the hell is it even possiable for starfish to be “naughty”
    well this pic makes me laugh.
    *HAHAHAHA* see i am laughing riht now!!!* =]

  9. im pretty sure those fish are bangin

  10. for shizzle allie!

  11. Ok men…when she says ….”slow and steady”…picture this!

  12. What the F***!!!! i am still laffing my ASS off!!! i laffed me ass off so hard my pant fell off!!!!!=]

  13. GET IT!!!

  14. wow you should be ashamed of yourselves you sick freaks

  15. lets get it on i can do that it’s fun

  16. that is so cute!!! I love starfish, I have 23 little baby ones.

  17. Thats so very cute. The colours is astounding and hence the pair.
    Great Pic…

  18. This is so cute….The combination is spectacular and gorgeous….And after looking at this I have fallen in love with the star fishes….would be keeping some at my place in some time….

  19. wow.
    i love it.

  20. wo i didn’t realise that they could do that!

  21. yo their totally doin it!
    giggitty giggitty goo!!

  22. Those guys are crazy!!

  23. can they even do that!?
    amazing pic!

  24. Sexy!!

  25. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet!

  26. I wish i could have sex with my girl like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go starfish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep it up 🙂

  27. Wow….two starfish having gettin it on!!

  28. dude this is so freaking sweet i used it for starfish mating in shool thanks for ur help dude

  29. this is so freaking weirdly awsome!!!!!!!

  30. Loved this – romantic, funny and beautiful – what more can you want?

  31. Oh that is SO romantic. I’m gonna have this printed and framed…and hang it above the bed. :X

  32. Star fish don’t reproduce that way O.o

  33. thats so awsome:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Wow.. I wish that i could have fun with my boyfriend like that!!
    Giggitty giggitty goo!!

  35. can’t believe it…. it’s cool ha ha ha ha…. go go go!
    this pic gets me excited… wish me and my boyfriend had a time to do this…. he he he

  36. which one is the boy and which one is the girl? and is this even factual that that is how they reproduce?
    ps-still love the colors though

  37. Starfish do not reproduce the way humans do. Maybe I should have titled the photograph: “Starfish Hug”. See more info:

    Tina : ).

  38. what is giggity giggity goo? and why do u all keep sayin it? ….. N about the “amazin” colours…. its pink n purple?! … Hm…great one.

  39. Aw, How CUTE and CUDLY!!! But which is the boy and which is the girl? 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

  40. amazing…..

  41. this is very nice!!!!

  42. scandolously sexy, loooooooove it
    sending it to all my friends
    “let’s go at it girl”

  43. love it!!!! wish i could do it underwater right now!!!

  44. i love the colors wish i could do it underwater!!!

  45. also how do starfish act romantic? i’m pretty sure they don’t know what romance is.

    amazing picture though.

  46. cute


  48. Star Fish A-Sexualy reproduce they to not have sex. they are most likly fighting

  49. That is so grossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I teach Marine Biology and I can guarantee that the star fish are neither mating nor “hugging”. They are territorial animals and are most likely fighting for territory. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble.

  51. Oh my….thats all I got to say…wow..

  52. Wow DAMN THATS HOT!!!!! WOOT! Yet..I didnt know they could do that…intresting..

  53. Ohh My God! I didn’t know they could do that. lol



  56. omg wat the hell???????

  57. i think it is cute heeheex
    And I think they is makin’ BABEEZ!!!!! x

  58. actually, they are just crawling on each other. starfish breed without even touching. the male and female both release their eggs and sperm into the water where they meet and the eggs are fertilized. very nice picture though =)

  59. very interesting to sea two starfish do something like that making love to each other it seems weired with this kind of sea creature

  60. omg thats such a great pic!! i love it!! haha they have got to be having fun out there! i sure would!! lol very shexxy

  61. Oh my god, starfish getting it on! thats so hot! i wish me and my boyfriend could do it like that! i am so the purple one. 😀 love it!!

  62. omg! u were peepin?? XD Anyway starfish r bisexual man. how’d they smack? LOL. Anyway, d pic is reli nice.

  63. sycia and becca think that starfish need to make love more often

  64. under sea porn is disturbingly cute =D

  65. eek

  66. Is that even natural…No it isnt…Starfish dont mate..they are fighting over there terrtory its very obvious…I read about it i highly doubt they are achually….you know..they are fighting Starfish dont reproduce that way….

  67. star fish are so pretty and i have to do a research project on them roght now

  68. AT LAST! starfish porn, oh the years i have waited for this.
    seriously though, fantastic capture of a rarely seen event

  69. wow wierd!!!

  70. get some!!!

  71. It seems like there are a lot of trashy people responding to this picture. I’m tired of the “I wish me and my boyfriend/girlfriend could do it like that”. So immature. It scares me to think that that’s all some of you trash bombs think about! Get a life! This country’s going to pot because of people like you.

  72. i wonder what kind colour will the babies be! xD

  73. Yeah. They aren’t “doing it” since they reproduce in the water.

    but it’s quite a beautiful photograph.

    i kinda wonder how people ended up finding it.

    and what they were looking up to find it.


    (i have a paper due on them.)

    it’s quite the gorgeous photo anywho.


  74. a fucking good position

  75. thats pertty cool dat luke loves kira-lee

  76. Me and my sexy boyfriend do it like that all the time. I’m the purple one!!!!!!

  77. I am doing a project and would like to know wich one is male and wich one is female


  78. that is so cute!!!!!!
    it’s an amazing picture!
    who knew they wrapped arms/points around each other!

  79. Oooh Yeh ,, Get it on 😉
    now thats wot im talkin about!! XD

  80. my bad but don’t starfishes reproduce asexually?
    this is probably a fake photo…

  81. it’s not a fake photo, they’re probably not reproducing, but wrestling.

  82. that s SO C U T E *.* ^^

  83. cute!!

  84. that how we roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go starfish

  85. omg that is crazy i mean STARFISH stick to WALLS how do they…..

  86. Intresting…but compleatly ficional…seriously..I was always creeped out of starfish but this is acuahlly pretty cute

  87. pretty picture. I love it!

  88. starfish are capable of asexual and sexual reproduction…
    – asexual: through fragmentation (if an arm of a starfish is broken off, it will form into another independant starfish (with the same genes)
    – sexual: joining of gametes (sperm and egg) this is external and therefore the zygote (resulting cell from union of gametes) is released into the ocean where it becomes part of the zooplankton feeding on phytoplankton. when it is matured it breaks away and forms “radial symmetry”.
    there u have it people…
    p.s. that is actually a pretty good photo; good onya 🙂

  89. dude thats like really weird !!!

  90. OMG! This is sooooo hilarious. 😀 Even if they aren’t actually doing it, but still. 😉

  91. thats one of the best photos ive ever seen..look at te…life is good 🙂

  92. Picture to look and cherish… life’s all over and same all over..!!

  93. love it. They’re really into it. Wish i could do this with my girl. ERGH,ERGH,ERGH! Love the sex

  94. How can I get a print of these beautiful starfish ????

  95. fukkin hott

  96. true beauty . . .

  97. fiesty shit!

  98. OMG!!!!totally amazing!!<3Valery love you

  99. Awesome! Thank you for helping me on my report!

  100. That is so cool…….

  101. Oh Thats Hot.
    Nothing like sweaty hot starfish Sex.

  102. that soooo stupid…starfish reproduce by them selves stupid!!! they probably got stuck together by the waves of the ocean…get ur facts ogether first retard!!

  103. hey

  104. don’t go fooling with each other peeps. starfish are cute, but they’re not mating right now! no need to be all perverted, eh?

  105. so pretty!

  106. i hate it, so old

  107. i do think they’re eating each other…

  108. Hahahaa! Pretty colors!
    And..kinda eww? I dunno. ? 🙂

  109. Uhh…
    Are they stuck toqether?

  110. Lalalllaaaaaaaaaa!

    Sorry. I’m juss B O R E D (:

  111. I have never seen this and i think it’s cute. But at the same time i am discusted.

  112. r they making out or something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it be funny if they r LOL

  113. wow nice…it’s look like star….wow cool should put more pic..

  114. cute but discusting

  115. sorry i m juan ilove

  116. I think the orange starfish just rescued the purple one (I mean, they are on the beach) and is giving him mouth-to-mouth….really!!

  117. (cool)

  118. umm, starfish don’t have intercoarse, they split their limbs in order to regenerate, for example, one could dishcharge one of their arms with part of the hull still intact, and it would generate into an entire new starfish. Also, Starfish have no brains, they probbly thought each other a clam or some kind of shelled creature food source.

  119. your all fish perverts! this is fish porn!!

  120. I found this pic while looking for flowers. This cracks me up! It’s HYSTERICAL! They have the right idea! Maybe that’s not how they reproduce, but you can’t say they don’t know how to get their kicks! 😉

  121. Nature is so beautiful, and so is your photo. Thanks for sharing the pic.

  122. i like starfish

  123. wooowwww gett it on

  124. love it yar ketna mast colours mujhe ast accha laga yar ma sweet huggiiii,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i love starfish damn sexyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!

  125. lmao i wonder if the female or male is on top =D

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