Red Gerber daisies in a black and white backdrop

Red Gerber daisies in a black and white backdrop

~ by Phlog That! on 9 July 2007.

30 Responses to “Red Gerber daisies in a black and white backdrop”

  1. Gerbera daisies are one of my favorite summer flowers. In fact, I missed photographing flowers so much last winter, I went out and bought a big bouquet of gerberas. This image is cheerful – I like it!

  2. that is sooo pretty i love it!!!!!

  3. this is a beautiful picture great job !

  4. Where/how can I buy this print?

  5. Jackie, I’d be happy to send you the file. Send me an email at PhlogThat AT gmail DOT com.

  6. that is beautiful…it’s beathe taking. Nice to know there is still beauty left in this world…thank you for sharing your gift with us

  7. would it be possible to buy this and get it matted.
    it is absolutely amazing. i would love it for my home.

  8. my daughter’s wedding in july is using black and white as her main colors with red gerber daisies….would love to use this print somewhere in the decorating… that possible?

  9. my daughter’s wedding in july is using a black and white theme with red gerber daisy accents….would love to incorporate this print somewhere in the decorating….would that be possible?
    PS I think my first attempt at this did not go thru thus another reply.

  10. i always wanted to do something like that a black and white bakcround and one or more things in colour how do you do it please.

  11. hi! can i use this as my blog header? thanks!

  12. Yen has used my photo on her blog:

    it looks beautiful!

  13. thank you very much! i agree. it sure looks beautiful.:-) God bless you!

  14. omg! i love this photo…i was lookin for a background for my computer and i saw this picture and was like this is perfect!!

  15. That is so cool and so pretty love it

  16. I would love to have this for my MySpace profile. Sooo beautiful

  17. How can I purchase this to frame?

  18. i was wondering the same thing as “Kate”. how are you able to get the black&white/color effect?

  19. My camera has a setting where I can select one color from the background. The camera then selects everything with that color and the remainder becomes black and white. The trick is choosing a color that is bright, and is localized.

  20. Is it possible to get a print of this it is beautiful

  21. Could you please send me this file? It is stunning… I love it!

  22. I don’t know much about art but i LOVE this.


  24. Gerber Daisies are my Favorites! I would love to have a copy of this print. I’d like to enlarge it and have it framed for display on my wall.

  25. This picture is absolutely amazing…. its classy, cheerful, beautiful, inspiring… I don’t even have enough words to describe…. I would love to use this as a background for my page (if allowed?) or maybe even possibly purchase this to frame…. cant pass up a picture like this….

  26. I absolutely love this photo. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to hang in my kiktchen. Are you selling prints?

  27. я вот что скажу: восхитительно!

  28. lovely & romantic

  29. This is very pretty how can I get a copy of this photo? I wanna blow it up and put it one of my rooms

  30. Name of artist please???

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